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Our Story

Having experienced the frustrating and wasteful packaging of standard wet wipes, we were determined to find a better way. 

After rounds of patent reviews, engineering sessions, and prototypes, the patented Wet Wipe Wizard was born.

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Dayton Business Journal Feature

2023 Blazer Award


Prototype Demos


Wet Wipe Wizard Bathroom

Tired of searching for the flushable wipe packages when you need them most? The Wet Wipe Wizard easily clips to most toilet paper holders to provide you with accessible and easy dispensing of flushable wet wipes.


Wet Wipe Wizard Tabletop

We didn’t actually check the dictionary to be sure, but our guess is complicated is a synonym for parenting. The Wet Wipe Wizard was designed to be make the changing table experience a little less chaotic.



Coming Soon

Wet Wipe Wizard Disinfecting

The typical disinfecting wipe containers are put out of sight for a reason, they don’t look great. The sleek and modern design of the Wet Wipe Wizard allows it to be placed in common areas.


Wet Wipe Wizard Cartridges

The Wet Wipe Wizard refill cartridges make it easy to restock the powered dispenser. Order as a one-time purchase or subscribe with free shipping to your door at the pace that best fits your routine.

Powered Dispenser

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The patented powered dispenser allows for simple and reliable delivery of a variety of wet wipes with the push of a button.

Wet Wipe Cartridges

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The refill wipe cartridges are made of fully recyclable materials and can hold up  to 50 wipes. To replace an empty cartridge, simply open the powered dispenser and insert a new cartridge.

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Ease of Access

A proper clean should be easy and there when you need it. Enjoy clean within reach with the Wet Wipe Wizard.

The Wizard Way

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